Leather Inspection

Despite all the cares taken by our tannery in producing the best finished leather for us, we leave no stone unturned and our quality inspectors in manufacturing facilities re-check all skins for any open cuts, pin holes, color fastness, bad smell and other matters like grain damage, looseness etc. and skins with even the minor issue are rejected before they are passed for production.

Accessories & Hardware Inspection

All the accessories and hardware used in the concerned products are inspected for quality material and damages before proceeding with the production. The damaged accessories are rejected and removed from feeding stores.

Product Inspection

A separate team of quality control and inspection carry out product inspection which comprises of three different stages.

Step one

Pre-production Inspection

Pre-production inspection is carried out based on customer’s approved samples, instructions and specifications before bulk production commences and is considered an integral part to avoid any mistake in production, The production team is guided by the concerned merchandiser and inspectors about product specifications and quality requirements before giving them go-ahead for production.

Step Two

Inline Product Inspection

Inline Product inspection is carried out when 10% of the products are manufactured and continues till 50% of the production is completed. The products from each production line are picked randomly on daily basis and inspected for leather color matching, stitching quality and zipper functioning, etc. This inspection is considered the most important because it allows us to identify any issue and implement the necessary corrective actions at an early stage.

Step Three

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is carried out when 100% of the production is completed but still unpacked and continues till shipment is handed over to freight forwarders and leaves our premises. This inspection is also called final inspection and each and everything is inspected once again for any issue and suitable rectification is done before shipping. It includes all production matters along with finishing and packing processes according to agreed specifications and instructions from customers.

Core Values


Maintaining a time-tested process to ensure client satisfaction


Delivering quality merchandise that exceeds customer expectation


Building customer trust through proactive partnership


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