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Global Leather Exporter and

Leather Goods Manufacturer in Pakistan

Rays Creations is a Leather Company in Pakistan. We are a Leather Goods Manufacturer and Leather Exporter known for precision and quality work as we are the preferred source where product quality and vendor-integrity are the major concerns of the customer. Today our fully integrated leather goods factory produces world-class leather products for worldwide customers.

In Rays Creations, you will see various product lines, which are made of different types of leather, each with its own unique qualities and beauty. As a leather company, we are an overseas leather exporter and leather goods manufacturer of the following leather goods: –

Rays Creations is a leather manufacturing company that always believes that the natural beauty of materials is the driving force. We are a leather goods manufacturer so we make each product with love, care and dedication. Rays Creations has become a leading leather company in Pakistan as we love our work and are very proud of the craftsmanship of our artisans.

As a leather goods manufacturer and leather exporter, our continuous efforts, hard work and dedication to meeting and customer satisfaction based on excellent product quality. Rays Creations utilizes the correct leather manufacturing process and determined time commitment that has enabled us to maintain long-term relationships with our valued customers worldwide over the years. For many high-end brands, we have developed a serious reputation as a leather exporter and leather manufacturing company in the global market for manufacturing good quality leather products.

Why Work With Us ?

Rays Creations is one of the finest leather manufacturing company, so we have implemented a system that ensures that all products are made with the same quality and deliver a final product that makes us proud and meets customer expectations.


Top Quality Leather

Wide range of selection of full-grain and top-grain cow, buffalo, sheep, and goat skin leather from top tannery around the world.


Huge Product Line

We manufacture different product which are made from various speciality leathers, each with its own unique properties and beauty.


Skills & Experience

Our skilled and experienced craftsmen are hungry for challenging projects and are willing to take projects of any size or complexity.


Custom Manufacturing

We have expertise and experience to manufacture leather products as per specifications provided to fit into customer’s product lines.


Private Label Manufacturing

We offer private labelling which is the best option because it saves the cost of procuring raw materials and other production costs.


Rigorous Quality Control

Our tiered quality control system ensures process integrity and product conformance with product specifications at all levels.

Rays Creations is a leather goods manufacturer in Pakistan, so quality consciousness, integrity and honesty have gradually made us a professionally managed leather company focused on leather exports and leather manufacturing. Rays Creations Leather is a Custom Leather Products Manufacturer and Private Labelling Leather Products Manufacturer who has developed a habit of consistent quality control throughout the leather manufacturing process.

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